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Online Editorial Services…
When what you write HAS to be right!

Despite the explosive power of the Internet, the importance of accuracy, tone, content and presentation in written materials is undiminished in today's business environment. Just as others form an immediate and lasting impression when they hear you speak, so clients, customers and potential employers judge your abilities by how you present ideas, solutions and credentials in writing or for spoken delivery.

Online Editorial Services helps put your "best foot forward" in business correspondence, brochures, marketing materials, proposals, plans, news releases, scripts, speeches, articles, resumes….anything in writing. Whether you need comprehensive writing or re-writing, editing or proofreading, Online Editorial Services offers a convenient solution…when what you write has to be right!

Fast. Simple. Convenient. Personal.

The click of a mouse puts Online Editorial Services to work for you, immediately smoothing, polishing and correcting written materials to reflect your personal standards of excellence. Based on length and complexity, many projects can be completed in 24 to 48 hours. Longer, more comprehensive assignments require more time to complete but can be managed just as easily and effortlessly.

For more comprehensive assignments involving design and production, our "virtual company" of graphic designers, printers, Web designers, video producers and others is ready to support your needs.

No big bureaucracy. No huge agency. You tell us about your project…we review your needs, estimate what will be required to complete the assignment - discussing it with you personally if necessary to be sure we understand your requirements - and you put us to work. The entire process - from your initial contact through paying for the finished work - can be handled electronically. Fast, convenient, personal and simple.


Paladin Communications Group, Inc.
6817 Silverwood lane
Charlotte, NC 28215
Phone: 704.568.9132

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